M is for Mazuri. Revolutionizing GameFi with an Open-World Fighting MMO

Mazuri GameFi
4 min readDec 19, 2023

Introducing Mazuri City, a spectacular new virtual gaming Metaverse created by Mazuri GameFI. This MMO offers an unprecedented GameFi adventure set to completely change the gaming landscape. Centered on enhancing personal combat abilities, it boasts renowned UFC stars like Andrei Orlovsky and Rafael Fiziev among its ambassadors. The passionate Mazuri team has just entered early access and is on the lookout for individuals to test out the leaderboards.

What is Mazuri GameFi?

Mazuri GameFi is a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) that delivers an unparalleled gaming experience, featuring immersive hand-to-hand combat in both PvP and PvE scenarios, arena matches, tournaments, leagues, and more. What sets it apart is its seamless integration with Blockchain technology, enabling players to mint their characters on-chain and develop their skills, earning rewards in the form of $MZR Tokens.

In Mazuri’s gameplay, combat takes center stage with duels, brawls, tournaments, and Gang wars. The landscape is rich with rivalries, and soon-to-come features include races and the intriguing cyber-estate which will allow players to boost their characters’ strength before fights, among other benefits. With Play-to-Earn mechanics, players can invest time instead of cash into their own arena matches or seize the chance to claim prizes through weekly tournaments, rising to riches and glory through sheer grit.

Similar to Cyberpunk 2077 and Grand Theft Auto (GTA)?

The game has drawn comparisons to some live-action games featuring real fighters throughout Web3, and is heavily influenced by recent greats like Cyberpunk 2077 and the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series in Web2, yet it distinguishes itself from numerous other games through its underlying core concept.

Play-to-earn has never been more fun or more effective than with Mazuri. Without forcing players to pay, Mazuri has introduced a combat leaderboard that rewards players for fighting with real monetary value. The team behind Mazuri wanted to bring the rich experience of watching your favorite MMA champions rise to fame to gaming, so they gave players the ability to build wealth while remaining true to the gaming experience.

Mazuri’s Mission

Mazuri’s mission stands as a beacon for the GameFi revolution, presenting a vast open-world multiplayer experience featuring real-time combat. It also has plans to draw on Axie Infinity’s rich feature set, like the scholarship program which allows players to rent out high-level NFTs for little to no cost. Its paramount focus lies in providing exceptional UX/UI, ensuring players effortlessly immerse themselves in the Blockchain realm.

Where many game developers choose to monopolize asset ownership and allocation through resale restrictions, Mazuri GameFi fully embraces the potential for decentralized, self-sovereign asset ownership through blockchain asset ownership and NFT marketplaces.

Discover the Whitepaper

The dedicated Mazuri team values transparency — they prioritize open communication with their audience in Social Media: YouTube, Instagram, Telegram and Twitter, sharing extensive information about game development, and keeping open records of in-game transactions. This commitment serves as a testament to the significance of transparency in the GameFi landscape.

Everyone deserves greater rewards for their efforts

The core principle at the heart of Mazuri is the belief that everyone deserves greater rewards for their efforts. The game developers acknowledge and appreciate people’s aspirations for self-improvement, recognizing and rewarding players for their dedication and skill enhancement. Mazuri places immense value on labor and invested time, correlating a player’s commitment to personal improvement directly with realm monetary rewards, in-game accolades, and rankings.

Here, competition transcends mere reliance on advanced weaponry. Players refine their skills not solely by empowering their characters with top-tier arms but by delving into a diverse inventory system — they can explore both a clothing inventory and a “strikes inventory,” offering various stances. These choices significantly impact players’ defensive strategies during fights, adding depth and versatility to their combat techniques.

Real UFC Ambassadors

Moreover, within the game’s mechanics, players have the opportunity to enhance their characters by acquiring specific ambassador’s NFTs. The project boasts ambassadors like Andrei Pitbul Arlovsky, a record holder for the most wins (23) in UFC heavyweight history, and Rafael Fiziev, currently ranked #8 in the UFC lightweight division, known for his prowess in mixed martial arts and Muay Thai. The project’s ambassadors unlock a pathway to power up the player’s character and incorporate signature combinations from their chosen mentor into their arsenal.

You can experience and test all the game’s new mechanics firsthand by becoming a part of the project yourself. Currently, the Mazuri team has unveiled early access and is actively seeking individuals to participate in testing out the leaderboards. And to launch the leaderboards with a bang, they are about to announce a prize-funded holiday tournament!

Will you be Mazuri City’s next champion?

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Mazuri GameFi

Mazuri MMO offers a GameFi adventure. Centered on enhancing personal combat skills, it boasts UFC stars like Andrei Orlovsky & Rafael Fiziev as ambassadors.